I`ve tried to make an ikebana composition with only a few elements.


Cool. The roses are an interesting choice.

I like it a lot, except for the environment that you’ve put it in - not sure what’s causing the white floor to have that pinkish overlay on it, and the black on the left side doesn’t look good. Also there’s something odd with where the bowl meets the surface - doesn’t seem to be realistically resting on it. Those things are distracting me and keeping me from enjoying the really nice model in the middle. If you would fix up those few things, I see at least a 4 star image there, because I really like the way you’ve done the roses and the whole setup of the bowl.

I have changed some details…

Don’t take this badly: you may be full right and I full wrong. It’s good enough so I care and I don’t care that often.

Nice work, I’m sure. Would be fun if we could see it though. The lighting make the roses look flat and the background kills what’s left of life: unless you’re going for shock value find something else.

If I look at it like it is chinese shadow theatre the shape is great and the composition too.


Very nice decription, chinese shadow theatre. I will try to give it another mood by making a totaly different light setting. By now I`m using only tree lamps.
Thanks for the inspriation.

Yes, looking much better now compositionally. The only thing that still looks a bit odd is that the background does not continue on the left - so there is just black space. Otherwise, an image very much to my taste.

I like the Ikebana arrangement itself, especially the twigs. Not too sure on the background though, I think you should remove the black panel on the left?

Yafray rendering - naturaly with totaly different light and material settings