Iko track to problem 45 degree rotation

(Darkelfv) #1

i made a object (leg) and then attached the appropriate bone armature to it. then when i finished i added ik solve and track to. but the track to always makes the bone and the mesh rotate 45 degrees to the right. and i have no clue why. its getting totaly anying and i cant figure out what to do, any one can help? Im using a empty as a target

(sten) #2


if some read this I have already helped him out,
we are ICQ buddies since winter and I solved his issues…

the Roll-angle for that particular Bone was the only
one amongs the Bones that had wrong Roll angle,
it should have been 90 degrees, instead it was 0

all other bones had theirs Z-axis pointed sideways to
the left, but this one was pointing upwards…as it normal
would do…but for some reasons , sometimes it is necesarry
to change the axis Roll-angle to make it work more correct
when animating the bones…

I hope all this in some way explains it for you all out there…