Illegal (?) activity around Blender

Today I was looking for a book on Blender Game Engine on Allegro - Polish auction server (like E-Bay).
There, someone was selling Blender for 10 zlotys (about 2.5 Euro).
Here’s the link:

And one question - is that legal or not?!

Blender is dual-licensed and one of its licenses is the GNU GPL which does allow you to sell the software, under the condition that the source code is also made freely available.

I am not, however, sure which parts of Blender are associated with which license.


It also looks like a version he has coded him/herself

It looks like he is running Tuhopuu Blender - an experimental Blender tree.


The GPL specifically allows selling of programs, provided that the buyer can, on request, access the source code and get a license to distribute.

Actually, I’m not sure if they have to be a buyer, or whether they can just ask for a copy of the source - and the money would then cover labour costs of compiling and delievery (and convenience)

But unless he has written permission from every contributor to blender ever, this will have to be GPL/BL.
I just ran the page through a translator ( and it seems it’s plain tuhopuu but distributed GPL with source on a CD, with a textbook of some description (probably one of the blender manuals) - perfectly legal, to both the letter and spirit of GPL imo.