Illistration Renderer

Does blender have the ability to do illistration renders? if not, are there any free illistration renderers blender can export to?

stuff like this:

not directly, it would be quite a bit of work to make shaders like that

particularly the hatching being only a little different in the shadows

[also, blender’s edge features stink]

you got that right. are there any workarounds to get this type effect?

you got that right. are there any workarounds to get this type effect?[/quote]

Open you image in Gimp/Photoshop and play with filters. :wink:

Im faily competent with the gimp…but how would i do this? are there any tuts?

Well, actually I’m not really sure. I was sort of kidding, although I think you could achieve most of those effects with a little post work in an image editor.

heres about 3 minutes of work



In gimp, I duplicated the layer, ran Oilify on the bottom, edge detect on the upper, set upper layers blending mode to color, I duplicated the upper layer again and set its blending mode to multiply.

Nothing crazy, but you can play around. I imagine you coud write a script for Gimp to batch process the images for an animation. I’ve never tried that. In photoshop is really easy with the actions; just press record :slight_smile:

hmm, not bad at all! although what i really wanted was the “pencil sketch” look. i guess i have to wait for a shader for that.

Some time ago Union S8 came up with some shader/material settings
for Blender to simulate woodcut type illustrations. It can do somthing similar to a hatch effect in the shadows, ie image is shaded with rough lines that appear to vary in the shadows. The results are pretty good considering it’s all done with internal settings.

thats pretty neat, but definitly not like a pencil sketch. is there an active development for shaders going on i could suggest this to?

I just saw this site posted on Slashdot, and I remembered this thread.

YES! i had just seen this! im definitly going to work with it this afternoon.