Illumina marine concept (stolen lol)

i saw a thread here, where someone had seen a thread over at cgtalk, where someone was using a concept by Blake Lowry (i think) and doing a low poly model of it. I was stuck for ideas for what to model during a break from my other wip (topcat) and i came across that thread and decided to do that concept too-except i sucked at low poly, so i just did it the way i felt like. This is my first humanoid character, however, its all armor so its quite easy.
here a clearer render

Here is the thread i first saw it on-
and the original concept-
and here is an update
and a closeup of the head (im proud of the tubing :slight_smile: )

i need to finish putting some of the armour together, and then put in some of the actualy “clothes” if you know what i mean. This is fun :slight_smile:

Looking great. Good modelling. The armor looks very functional.

ok, not really an update as ive not made any real progress at all.
I decided that i would have a go at texturing the model, before i went on and modeled the clothes. However, ive failed miserably. I think i need to go and do some more unwrapping and texturing tutorials, because i just cant get the hang of it at all, and nothing unwraps the way i think it will. its very annoying actually…
Ive started texturing!

lol I had to go back to page five to find this thread again!
After this, I am going to start texturing in some scratches etc, to “dirty it up” a bit.
Crits welcome.