Illuminating from Inside?


I want to make a sign (with font) that appears to be illuminated from inside. A simple emission texture doesn’t work because it just looks like a glowing object with no real texture to it.

I made this by making a mesh with a diffusion material, then a smaller version with an emission material placed inside of the first mesh. However, with how many assets I have to make, this is too time consuming of a method. Is there anyway to achieve this look through nodes??

in cycles did u try to do it with some volume shader?

for the glow around this is done after in the render so need some composition!

can you show some pics of what you want as result
might help to know what the goal is

happy cl

Yah, RickyBlender has some point in using a volume shader… A translucent (with a bit of glossy) connected to the surface, and an emission in the volume will give good results.

Won’t a simple translucent material (without volume) with a light emiting mesh inside work just as well?