Illumination where there should be no light :(

When I render this image it shows bright white light on the inside of the cabinets with drawer fronts. Should be in shadow.

I don’t understand why. After much trying to fix without success, a appeal to your expertise.

Help is appreciated… uploaded blend below.

Cheers, Don

Office Closet 01.blend (6.8 MB)

You are using ambient occlusion. Turn that down or off if you don’t want “light” where it should not be.

Thank you for your help with this problem, it’s looking good now.
Is there a simple explanation as to why ambient occlusion will light up the interior of a box to where there is no light directed?
In my case the light comes from the top and rear of the box.


Ambient occlusion :slight_smile: The factor indicates how much ambient light you’re adding, and ambient light will reach everywhere. The occlusion distance reduces this effect in appropriate areas depending on distance to nearby surfaces. Ambient lighting has nothing to do with real lighting, but it is a handy tool (even for lighting) when you need it.

Thank you CarlG,

I’m sorry that I hadn’t seen your response until today. It explains ambient occlusion much better, and the further understanding makes using it more intuitive for me. Thank you again.