"Illusion" of a different sort

(reD_Fox) #1

This is my first post, so don’t laugh.


Most of what I’ve done so far is the result of some experiment or another. This is no different.


(stephen2002) #2

that is an intresting illusion. I would say that it is simple, but you still see the shadow of the stick even though you can’t see the stick.

(blengine) #3

hey thats awesome! thats really cool… how did u do that? i know a couple of ways to cheat and get that…did u cheat? =)

(reD_Fox) #4

Yes, it is an extremely simple little scene. I probably should have mentioned that it wasn’t much to look at.

The shadow is there because:

  1. It kind of adds to the “illusion.”
  2. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it. :slight_smile:

As far as cheating goes…yes, I probably cheated. I prefer to call it, “Using another one of the many tricks in blender.”
The idea spawned after playing around with a material’s alpha, without the “ztransp” button pushed in.
This scene has nothing to do with the “ztransp” button, though.


(S68) #5

Really nice…

sad you weren’t in for the Optical Illusion contest…

Get prepared for future ones (there is the composition running and the Photorealism one is approaching!)


(pofo) #6

Hehe, nice.

Would love to se a cow walk by :o

Wonder what would happen if the stick fell through the door and slightly to the side. Guess we’ll never know since it’s too long to fit.

  1. pofo