I was playing around with blender today and I came up with an impossible square.
Here it is.


Cool, you might want to put it in a scene, or colour it just for now (since it looks like you just recently started using blender).

wow, that looks really nice. I just can’t figure out how you did it…

Hahaha, here’s the so called secret.


Yea, I will colour it or texture it. I’ll probably use it in some sort of game, I am planning on making some sort of crazy game using all these things that I make.

Pretty cool (makes me wanna attempt the triangle). Just remember, if you do a scene with this shadows or reflections they may give the illusion away!

It took me a while to place the light in the right place,
do you know how the impossible triangle is done?
I attempted the impossible stair case, but it didn’t work out, if you do end up attempting the triangle, good luck.

I did the staircase in 2D while bored in graphics last year…

Anyway, this explains the triangle well. Gave me the chance to try my new scanner! (I got this from a book of mine)

looks good,hope you have fun, I might even try it!