Found this while having a look at colours on the net. The question was which square is darker A or B?

See what you think.


I’ve seen this before, but I won’t spoil it for those who want to guess :slight_smile:

Same as Ace Dragon :slight_smile:

Square A, of course!

Uh, true. I’ll go true. That was easy. I’ll be honest, I might have seen that one before, though. Sort of cheating.

Try this - Save the image and then open it in a photo editor like Photoshop. Make a selection of either the A or B squares and separate it onto a new layer then move the new selection towards the other square. It will look like the new selection actually changes colour as you move it.

M_Squared…No no…:slight_smile:

Think about shadow…???


really powerful illusion.can a artist looking at this image and painting it, can pick the correct values?

man this is so crazy

My eyes still cannot figure it out, but if you open your favourite image editor and use the colour picker you will find that both A and B have a value of 787878. Strange but true. :spin:


when i was showing you my fangames progresses i was using arfg-alternative reality fangames.