illustration style render test

I’m testing illustration style render with node…



And here are node maps.




That’s awesome. Nice choice of colours, and a real graphic look. Is it pure blender, can I ask? If so, I am totally in the dark about how much is possible :rolleyes:

Of course it’s all done in blender.

I think seabee was asking if there was any postprocessing
and if I’m wrong and seabee didn’t ask about that than I am asking :wink:
any postprocessing? and if any can we see the original render before it?
In any case I think you sholud consider writing a tutorial on achieving such an effect because this is something trully special

I like this very much. I think there is no post process, just nodes compositing if I understood.
I’m very interested going through your node screenshots for this drawing style.
Thanks for sharing.

wow that’s a crazy node setup! the resulting renders are wonderful. looks like a combination of xeroxing, cell shading, and some torn paper collageing technique. are these images part of an animation?
looks great!

Wow. Fantastic is all there is to say.

There is no post processing as he did it all with nodes. I think its awesome and crazy at the same time.

:eek: amazing…wow…I would never have thought that was possible…ok so we HAVE to see the animation now please :smiley: …and not too small either :slight_smile: I need to feast my eyes on your creative talent :cool:

Amazing, please post an anim! I did a simple comic book shader once, and I thought it was cool :slight_smile:

Ekakiya, very impressive usage of the nodes :slight_smile: I read the article on, and I’ve posted a comment there, but so you don’t have to click your way around the web, I repost here, too:

				 						"I think that the Script node (PyNode) will make most of what you propose possible, at least points 1, 2 and 5 should be doable (if I’ve understood the ‘if’ node correctly). I’m still working on PyNode, and once a nasty seqfault has been fixed, it should be not too difficult to get it into CVS (but not for the upcoming 2.43 release).

You can check the PyNode builds at if you like. And check for more info on PyNodes

This looks fantastic.
The nodes are quite complex.

It reminds me of old Marvel comics with the the screen tones.I hope you can pull some animations with this,but if you can’t it makes for some powerful still images.

Wow, that are amazing results!! I had never thought that some like that is possible with nodes. Thanks for your descriptions at the nodes, without that it would be hard to understand for noobies like me (Okay, with descriptions it’s also very hard to understand):wink:

mind a writing a tutorial on this? i dont think ive ever came upon a stile like this

Great work! Awesome node setup!

Personally, I would love to see a .blend file to demonstrate the effect (even if it is only spheres or something). Would you be kind enough to post a .blend?


Holy crap… As soon as I have time, I want to reverse engineer this image. no doubt this’ll be in the siggrah reel next year. Dizzam.

Thanyou sir for flexing your graphical skill all over blender. i am humbled.

O my god! now thats a lot of work put in those nodes :wink:
Looks great and very original a bit like pop art images! now lets hope your style doesent get ripped!

Amazing…too bad the links dont work(for me)…

Woo-ow. Absolutely mouth-watering node setup. Kudos.

i’d love it if you could donate an image to the public domain so we could include it in the wiki as an example! I’d sure hate to replicate that noodle!!!