I'm 13 or so days late finding this...

Here is an article about Blender @ highend3d.com :


I don’t know if anyone here has read this, but Blender seems to be doing more than poking his head out in these last couple-a years. You know when Blender is really hitting the mainstream when Microsoft comes out with a new 3D modeler called “Mold-o…Requires SP4…Windows ME/XP/Vista only”. But when you download it, it’s Blender with the UI Windows-ized(ewwwwww) and the fluid and particle effects are only available as extras when you purchase them.

Whoa! That’s a bad dream I hope never happens: M$loft plagerizes Blender.

Anyways, I hope I’m not waisting forum space with this, I once and awhile check out highend3d site and I always see the “Big 3 or 4” and seeing Blender on there is like seeing AuDoh-Desk recieve a big wedggie from Bugs Bunny[rrrrrrrrip]. lol

Knowing Bill Gates, I bet it’s Blender just close source.

Yup, that was exactly what I was hinting at hehehehe. MicroSchloft grabs the source code, UNder pays programmers in India, invests money in marketing and focus groups, people worldwide recieve automated calls out of nowhere like " Mr.[beep] say your neme. With the purchace of our new ‘enhanced’ security pack, you recieve a discount on the new ‘award winning’ Mold-o. Will that be cash, check or charge?". Hahahaha.
Just like Macromedia grabbing the Eclipse source code to create the new “Platform” and not even hinting that it is primarily Eclipse’s code. But, they are charging two arms, two legs, a kidney and some brain matter for it.


Should Blender take them to court and compare the source to make sure it’s not from Blender ?

I have not heard of this mold-o. CGTalk and Google both have nothing on it, nor does the MS website. Any links to some article about it?

Edit: I need to learn to read more carefully [!] :o :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm maybe I’m the one missing the point…but lol…I think duckytime was joking…

Whoa! That’s a bad dream I hope never happens: M$loft plagerizes Blender.

X: me too.


I am TOTALY joking. I am growing increasingly aware that Blender is gaining popularity and it is open source so I have little doubt that there is more than a little Blender code in the next “up and comming” 3D authoring environment. I used the name “Mold-o” because M$ always find these “cool” names for stuff and “Mold-o” don’t sound as cool as it sounds sick.

oh that’s halerious!!!.. wait… no, it’s not.

Even if they did, it’s perfectly legal.

I would advise something that will improve one’s workflow greatly, for an elYsiun-backed Blender artist:

First check the link and read the message
Then reply


(i hope there will be more PR for blender as time passes. it’s good news in general, but it is only blender that made itself being more and more known)

What we need are some SOFTWARE PATENTS!

No, wait… I’m kidding too. Stop looking at me like that.

It is.
Copying Eclipse and making big bucks is unfortunately very possible.
The only thing you need to invest in is advertising.
Renaming your copy of Blender, selling it on ebay and sending your users to elysiun for technical help is also possible.
We’ve been there.

Instead of copying the source, I think those big companies should better look at who made it and buy the programmers :]
Everybody happy :]

We need a LGPL. So that other people won’t be allow to take credit for something that they made close source. How the hell will opensource and free software ever thrive unless people know where it came from ?

We need a LGPL

Why? The lgpl is less restrictive than the gpl and was created so that an open source library could be linked to a closed source program.


Ya Greybeard is right… IMHO the GPL actually forces contributers to give up changes or additions to the core code. LGPL allows a more liberal corporate take on things so that company’s can use the code within thier project without having to give anything away.

No if M$ really wanted to take over blender they would do what Google did this summer but X10. Pay programmers to move it to directX and then extend the code in that direction. Locking out other platforms by default. That’s the M$ way.

Don’t worry though, they hate people that share their work. I couldn’t imagine them helping anyone that doesn’t tow thier corporate line.

Mold-o later changes it’s name to Blonder and then tries to sue da Foundation. They hire a pupet head that looks kinda like Ton but wears a patch on one eye and walks with a limp. lol. His name would be… “Not”. Kinda like a bizzaro alter ego opposite of Ton. lol.

Yeah, i think that if a company uses ANY code from Blender, they need to atleaset make the source code FREELY available, even if they sell thier own “brand name” on it. That way, the people who want to buy it can buy it, and the programmers who want to make it better can make it better. Blender could also benifiet from it too, as they can pick the best code and ideas from the so-called brand and use it or not in Blender.

…But, Mold-o a.k.a. Blonder(No offence to actual Blondes…Im Blonde on the inside. lol), is my ficticiaous story of Bill the Gates of H-e double hockey sticks. He wants to bring harm to all things free. I think it started with his childhood…I think spitwads and wedgies were involved. lol.

This may be a joke for now - but on a related issue I am really worried about what I’ve been hearing about Windows Vista. The OpenGL and DRM issues are seriously worrying. Especially the DRM…


Maybe M$ will keep trying to control everything and end up painting themselves into a corner. I think there are checks and balances as to what M$ can integrate. I really think the web/development/networking and such should be entirely separate from any proprietary MicroSchnoft-ness. Is Windows Vista so “Ground Breaking” that it will be the only way to rapidly develop .Net apps and services? I think “Better” should be defined better. The Open Source community needs(I think has a lot already) representatives to keep cost effective alternatives and information about them into the realm of the know. I don’t think IBM, Sun, Mac and others are going to cater to Windows “Vestibual”(Vista).
To stay on the light side, Bill Gates remind me of an old old 20’s cartoon called “Pin Cushion Man in Balloon Land”. lol.