I'm a begginer and need help

i’m just beginner to blender and need some help.
does anyone know where I can find an english video tutorial or an easy to understand reading tutorial?

Here are some links that should help:

Blender Manual - START HERE - good reference and great info for learning how to use blender. I recommend at least reading all the way through it, even if you don’t quite understand some (or most) of whta it’s saying, it will make sense later as you learn and will help you familiarize with Blender’s UI.

Subdivision Modelling (Not about Blender, but good principles for modellilng that everyone should know.

Tutorials - a good place to start…

Video Tutorials - everything from very beginner stuff to advanced topics. Thank you, Greybeard!

3D art can be very difficult to learn. Whether you are going for cartoon or realistic, stills or animation, don’t expect to be making masterpieces like Obiwan-C right away, or maybe even for a long time… at the same time, know that it can be done if you have the patience and determination to stick with it.

Hope this helps, welcome to the Blender community. :0)

Happy Blending!

thanks alot

I also reccomend you search on Google for “blender summer of documentation”. Then have a look at some of the tutorails there.