Im a bit new and i need HELP! lol

O.K… so I’ve been running into quite a few problems and I cant figure them out!

ok so the first problem im having is having areas of my mesh not allowing me to edge loop, now I dont know if its because of where they are but i really need to curve these areas

i marked the areas in red

so then my second problem is that ill have a clean mesh and then when i smooth something or move it ill find random layers that affect how everything is moved and smoothed


If an edge loop hits a triangle it will stop
If an edge loops hits an ngon (> 4 edges) it will stop.

Also ensure you have removed any internal faces and double vertices (selecte all vertices and W / remove doubles)

Go into edit mode and delete all those faces in the crotch area that aren’t playing along with the rest of your mesh. Then its just a matter of reconstructing extruding new verts and filling in with new faces.

Think in quads - 4 clean verts. You can fill in faces by using the F key. You can fill in more than 1 face at a time if you wish, just make the selection first and press (F)

thanks so much!

You can also use the knife tool (k) to cut the n-gons in your first screenshot. Hard to say which method will take longer.