I'm a killer

Hey !

It’s just a screenpaper.

C & C please :slight_smile:

I like it very much… add some other weapons :slight_smile:

Can’t tell if hollow points would be cooler, how about a mixture? Heh cool render though…

That’s the first time i’ve seen the Normal ramp shader used to make METAL more defined.

very creative work, my man. you did some unique material work. mad props.

Another render :slight_smile:

Do you think that the ball at the right corner is better that in my last render ?

Hey !

This is the final image :
I wish you like it :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to critic

i like them a lot but the only crit i have is on the first on and its that the bullet is to pointy im a big hunter and i know lots about bullets but over all great! love em.

Very nice. The most polished rounds I ever did see. Are they 7.62 rounds?

They are beuatiful, so simple, yet so intresting. What are you planing on doing next?

Neat render. I’m glad your avatar is a peace sign. :smiley:

Crit: Wouldnt the “used” bullet be a little bit more dirty and less shiny? Having been shoved out off a chamber by an explosion kinda causes those things i thought.

Very nice. Realistic details, yet a style that is stylized, a bit like a painting. It would have been interesting if the fired bullet (at lower right) had some wisp of smoke coming from it. Not that it actually would, (it wouldn’t…) but simply for effect or maybe symbolism.

Thanks for all comments :slight_smile:
But I like this render, so… :slight_smile:
It’s not very an image that I made to approach reality, but to put this image on my screen, due to the fact that I’m going in a lan the next week. (all my adversary are going to be scary, ah ah ah !! Foght ! )

And long life for games (in particular, lon glife for Quake :smiley: )

If you would the .blend, it’s here