I'm a newb to this and need help....

okay ummmm…whenever i try to use blender game engine it says game engine is disabled in this release…how do i fix this?:confused:

are you ueing a modified client
i got that when i tried to use the ge with the povray <> blender client

Ummmm i dunno i got one of the blenders from blender.org…and im using openbsd if that helps…thanks for reply btw

someone please say something…any help would be nice

hmm ok then unless its for windows i cant help ya im sorry but im sure one of the other folks here can

just to be sure your useing the latest one from blender3d.org right?

2.24a i believe

Redownload it and try it again. I had this problem once, and that was how I fixed it. Pretty simple.

2.24a? Not only was that not released, but that would be 20 versions back. Did you mean 2.42a?

Chirpsalot, do I understand that you are using the FreeBSD version of Blender? If so, that is the only version of Blender that has not been updated to fix the 2.42 Game Engine bug. All 2.42 versions had a non-functioning Game Engine at release, hence the release of 2.42a to resolve the issue. There is no 2.42a for FreeBSD, so there is no Blender 2.42 version for FreeBSD with a working Game Engine.

You can find a FreeBSD version of Blender 2.41 with a working GE here.
Other older versions are available here.

Note that 2.41 does not have the new bullet physics engine or the most up to date shader support. If you are interested in these features and know how to compile programs from source code, you may try downloading the 2.42a source code and compiling a working version for your OS.

If you do get 2.42a working on your machine, please let me know. We need someone to help us add FreeBSD support to L0GAN’s BlenderStarter.

k first of all i had blender 2.38 i think then 2.38a then 2.41then 2.42 then 2.42a…non of them worked

yes i ment 2.42a

i got my numbers mixed up my bad

i’m never gonna get to use the game engine am i?