I'm a newbie: What tool do you recommend for trees?

Hi Forum,

I’m new to Blender. What are the tools to use for making trees in Blender?

I searched with Google and the forum’s FAQs with no luck. Apparently the bgen3.py script (Gen3) is no longer available, Dryad is not currently available, and the p119-weber.pdf mentioned as the basis for both those tools is also gone.



There is blender green house.
Otherwise just used 2D image maps for trees (much quicker render, but you are limited to certain camera moves)

http://www.blenderguru.com/how-to-create-stunning-trees/ threres a lengthy tutorial on using the inbuilt script to create trees.

theres one on the technique for actually modelling a tree shold you want to do it by hand.

Not sure if any of the above links point to these, but you could try NG Plant or Ivy Generator depending on your plant needs.

The in-built script (Tree From Curves if memory serves correctly) is very good for creating anything from low poly trees to pretty high poly, but the tools that I suggest above can result in very realistic forms quite quickly when you get accustomed to them. I guess it depends on your needs.

Note: These tools are not run directly from Blender, but they do export into .obj format that can be reliably and easily imported to Blender.

tree generator:


and blender forrest: http://lsystem.liquidweb.co.nz/