I'm at the end of my rope. Can't compile Blender no matter what I try.

Trying the most recent version of cmake gives me a “compiler identification is unknown” error. Using scons gives me a “The command line is too long.” error. I have read and attempted to apply http://scons.org/wiki/LongCmdLinesOnWin32 to blender\scons\scons.py and blender\sconstruct.py but that does not work either. I have made the code paths as small as possible. I have applied BF_BUILDDIR=‘c:\’ and BF_SPLIT_SRC = 1 to the user-config.py I have searched the ends of Google with no success.

I am using Windows 7 x64, with Visual Studio Express 2010. I am attempting to build 2.65 32bit. Please, can someone give me some kind of assistance?

msvc express was never officially supported, use msvc2008.

Hi cuddlyogre, I can’t guarantee that I can help, but I have successfully compiled Blender 32bit on Win7 x64 using Visual Studio Express 2010 and Cmake. Scons didn’t work for me at all.

I say I “have” successfully compiled blender, because I’ve been trying for the past two days to compile again, and after getting the latest from svn I can no longer compile. I keep getting link errors for OpenImageIO. However, it seems like you can’t even get that far…can you give more details on the issues? I tried to first set my system up for 64-bit compiling by following the guide on wiki.blender.org, but that seemed to fudge up my VS Express. If you’ve gone down that path I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling VS.


I too have been having issues compiling recently, especially with OpenImageIO. I rebuilt my SVN and it still fails. It’s not just me?

Updated this wiki page, hope it helps.