I'm at the end of my tether, please help...

I have a problem, I modeled a humanoid character and began to weight paint, as I was doing it I realized a problem with the bones, I save regularly so some of the rigging and skinning was saved. I want to delete all the rigging and weight painting all together and start again. I’ve tried to profusely, I’ve deleted all links in the Links & Materials/Vertex groups.I’ve treid deleting the armatures, but the new ones seem to take on the skinning/weight painting, also for some reason when I’m in weight painting mode to remove the skinning, everytime I click on a bone to remove the painting it goes straight back to object mode. I also tried the group naming method. It is a great model, and I put allot of time and effort in it, as it stands I may have to use an older save of the incomplete model.

I need to delete all traces of modeling/rigging/skinning, can anyone help me please? I’m fairly new to blender.

When you hit the X to “delete” something you’re only deleting the link to the Object or Mesh whatever. To get rid of unlinked datablocks save and reopen. Vertex Groups should be deleted when you hit the Delete Button, then remove the Armature Modifier and Weightpaint your whole mesh with weight zero. Add the Armature Modifier back and Paint your Vertex Groups again.


Ah, thank you, worked a charm. :slight_smile: