I'm baaaack !!!

Hello !!!

finished some business , learned rigging , animation , …

now , i will be making a small game project to practice and revise python , :yes: …

i left BGE when we had the state add on and such , what happend from that time ? .

i’m watching old posts :slight_smile: , :slight_smile:

i want to make some simple games , before a serious project …

what do you recommend as simple training game ?

1- break up , clone ? , tetrix < this needs a lot of programming > , what do you suggest ?

thanks .

welcome back 3d guru id say a break up clone is the best choice.i still play breakup every now and then,i didnt enjoy tetris.

Welcome back.

A pac man clone would be pretty good too, though you’d need to implement some kind of AI. There are several threads about the A* method of path finding that could help with this.

As to the changes in BGE… Lots of changes, but not a lot of changes… Capabilities have been somewhat improved and there are other changes already commited to Blender 2.5. View frustrum culling has been implemented/improved and the scene graph has gone through some changes to optimize it, but this is all behind the scenes so you will only notice a performance increase, no change in how you’d make a game.

Occlusion culling has been introduced to help optimise complex scenes. Access to bone positions has been added to the action actuator so you can get/set poses using Python in realtime. It is now possible to reinstance the physics mesh (after changing the mesh on an object or after deformation, but it is quite a heavy function so is best used sparingly). ideasman42 has recently been sponsored by the community to include dynamic loading/freeing of content (think like streaming content live from the net). This is not currently threaded and there are no plans to add threading to it, but this may be added in the future.

The Python API has been revamped somewhat in preparation for 2.5 and implementation of Python 3.0, but this is mainly syntax changes that make things much simpler. Much of the API also runs faster than it previously did. if you’ve not done too much BGE Python before then you need to be aware that some older tutorials are outdated, but support for the old API is still there so you can still use the old methods. If you know the old API well, you’ll notice that some things have changed in the API documentation, but the old methods still work for now.

This is a basic overview of the changes and there are many others such as memory leak fixes, etc. There are probably also new features that I’ve missed or forgotten. Everything works as before but better, but there are also a load of new goodies that have been added and more that are slated for the future.

Have fun with the new, improved, improving BGE. :smiley:

make something simple like… i dont know a MMORPG maybe :spin:

A PacMan clone , that seems to be good for a small project .

A Pac-man clone would be much easier.

I however contest that Pac-Man is evil. I’m not haunted by anyone, because I’ve never done something so evil to someone that they’d want to waste their time to haunt me. Pac-Man is being haunted, and killed by 4 people. Have you ever noticed how they tend to tactically cut you off from both sides when they can? I’m pretty sure they’re cops Pac-man murdered. I just don’t know enough about this “Pac-Man” to tie myself into a clone game about him, why would we need another cop killer game? You sicken me.

But if you need any help, I’ll do my part.

hi again, oh mighty teacher

@Iconoclast: The 4 ghosts in Pac-Man each have different AI. One tries to get in front of you to cut you off, one heads direcly for you, one tries to get behind you and one moves randomly. So you are right, they do try to tactically cut you off. :wink:

thanks , I’m flirting with the game engine now :slight_smile:

Hi there 3D Guru !

You have the Canadian Welcome :slight_smile:


I missed your post the first time. I will send you a gift to welcome you back :smiley:

ok guys , i’m re-learning python , i have a notebook , i’m revising it …

thanks Enzo :slight_smile: .

i have refreshed my memory with a pacman clone , no monsters yet , but saw the changes in logic and physics , thanks …

wellcome back 3DGURU :slight_smile: