I'm Back! and have a problem.....

ok back after way too long.(don’t think anyone’ll have noticed) broke my old pressario laptop around 3 or 4 months ago( in the middle of an end of year blender project for college!).

just got a new Sony avio. it has an ATI IGP 345M chip.

problem is blenders interface(2.34) is painfully slow, unuseably so.

i found alot of threads on this ATI problem but all seemed to say it would be solved in 2.34

any ideas?

My ATI (8500) works just fine with 2.34. No idea what’s happening.


Change your system display settings from 32 bit to 16. I too had a sony laptop sporting an ATI card and I found that if I failed to change this setting some versions of Blender would perform poorly if at all.

Welcome back Landis.

Thanks bud!