I'm back..... but damaged

I know, quite a dramatic statement but it’s the only phrase I could put it in that mirrors my feelings.

I have been away from the forum for the last few months. During this period I have endured great personal problems resulting in my own company going bankrupt and loosing my house and most of my personal belongings in the process. I won’t go into details now but this all has to do with a IRS-employee that seemed to have a personal vendetta towards me and was determined to distroy my company for whatever reason he could find. So be it. Luckilly no clients of my company where hurt in any way.

So now, after eight years of self-employment (with other people in my employment as well) I’m now suddenly without work, without a decent income and without the freedom to decide for myself what I’m going to do next as I’m officially under legal control of the court. This means that if I’m going to work for another company I have to give most of my earnings to the curator and I’m not alowed to startup another business on my own behalf (even though my clients beg me to get back on track for them). It’s a very painfull and stressfull situation and I’m not yet sure where it is going to take me.

Right now I have a lot of time on my hands and so I’m starting to actually learn to work with Blender. I have never done animation but after looking at the training video for the IPO editor I am looking forward to start playing with animation. But first I need to learn Blender from the beginning as I have never used it so far. I do have the manual and with all the available tutorials and great help here on the forum I’m convinced I will get where I want with it. I have several ideas for Blender. One being about building a new company around Blender although I have not yet the idea how. Another idea is to develop a (large) CG-movie because I’ve been working on a story off and on for several years now that would be great for this. I think it would take several years to do it but why not, so I’m thinking it over.

Well, I just needed to get this of my chest. Again, I have no idea where this will take me or how my future is going to turn out. But I’m positive and I’m slowly regaining my strength and energy so let’s face the future.

I am hearing [violin music in the background] while reading this post…
sad story… %|

Saddest story i’ve ever heard, and I thought my personal problems were bad :frowning: , good luck in making a company around blender, and I hope you can get your life back together.

It sounds to me like you need the services of a good, competent attorney. Even ex post facto, many IRS decisions can be reversed.

Thanks for the advice, but in this case it won’t help. I actually do have a very competent attorny but (again without going into much detail) I had to file for bankruptcy myself as this IRS guy had pushed me into a corner by going to sell all my company belongings including the building (that was also my personal home). There just wasn’t enough time to couter that as he did everything to prohibbit any solution before the auction date. So I had to file myself and even though it might be possible to reverse his actions I can not reversy my own filing with the court.

It might take several years before the filing gets closed (at least the time it takes to sell all my belongings and especially my house) and during this time I am legaly blocked for starting another business in my own name. However, I’m working on plans to start a new company in name of my wife (this is legally possible), so that’s why I’m thinking about doing something with or around Blender. Actually, my big dream twenty years ago was to start a 3D animation company and the name of my (now closed) company was actually pointed at that. We started out as a 3D CAD consulting company but shifted to custom software design for business systems.

It might be the time to follow that initial dream…

Oh man, you are so funny. Really, don’t stop talking. Right…

Nice to have you back.
I’m sorry to hear about your problems, it sounds like you’re going through a lot. However, you’re now basically getting a chance to start all over again with a new business. Take this time to get a break and think over where you want to go. You’ll do fine, good luck and have fun.

Thanks for the nice words and you are right, this is the time to think it all over and start fresh. Over the last years I did make certain mistakes, some of them leading up to my current situation (it wouldn’t have happened if I had done certain things different) so there are many lessons learned. Starting over from scratch does have it’s advantages.

I’m really sorry to hear this tgremlin…

I can imagine how much this situation hurts…

As long as you’re healthy and you have people that love you and care for you, you’ll be up on your feet, in no time…

Be strong man…

Yeah, and especially when Congress is up there “borrowing” hundreds of billions of dollars from itself.