I'm back

Hello peoples, been away for a while. My drive failed and I’ve been waiting for about a month and a half to see if they could recover the data on it. Turns out they couldn’t it was a drive failure but they replaced the drive because it was still under warrenty. Crashed just after I made arrangements to make backups. results I’m now starting over. Win some lose some but anyway I’m here again.


welcome back! We missed you :slight_smile:

Sorry for your HD…

for what concerns me news are https://blenderartists.org/viewtopic.php?t=2146


Welcome home!

Nice to see you around again.

Long time, no see !

welcome back.


thanks guys, it is good to be back. I’ve been spending that last few days replacing things I lost. keeping me busy. But soon I’ll be doing some new stuff and will share when i get something done. It is nice to be back and to have my computer back.


Good to hear from you!

Thanks Mike, I saw your new tutorials, nice. I like the pdf format.
Also looks like you got more pictures up on your site. I enjoy looking through your Alaska pictures. Talk to you later


I’m kind of bummed, I went through all of my pictures and the (10 rolls) pictures I took while I was in Point Hope (whaling camp) are missing, I wanted to start scanning them to add them to my site. I’m hoping they got put away some where else and I just can’t remember where (I seem to do that more as I get older :frowning: ).
Bummer about the hard drive.

I know how you feel about the pictures I lost a bunch when I moved from Texas. Maybe yours will show up. 10 rolls is a lot. Yes, I was bummed about the hard drive too at first then as I thought about it waiting for the computer place try to recover the data I realised that my best stuff was available because I had shared it with friends and the rest of the stuff in the last year was learning and experimenting etc. So I may have lost the data but I still have what I learned. Now I can create things with a fresh start. I’ve also had time to think and may go in a new direction. One more realistic picture and I think I’ll try some more artsy fartsy stuff for a change. I was working on a dust mite before and I still have a sketch so that’s first then for more creative attempts. Ha, I’m still as wordy as ever.