I'm back

If i have the same luck as i did on the old blender forums, only about 2 people will respond, and not until it is a day old…o well i just wanted to see who all here remembers me…

Hello!!! :smiley:

I haven’t had registered in the old Blender forum, so there is no chance that I would remember you, or you remember of me…

But anyway, It’s nice to have you here hiachi. We definetely need all the people we can get here (especially old users from other forums)!!!

If you, by any chance, have contact with others like you, why don’t tell them to join us. Cause things are happening here (Blender is going to be free…) and something tells me they wouldn’t want to miss it…

Have a pleasant stay here at elysiun…

P.S.: I guess I am the first. Let’s see if you are right about your luck!!! (he, he, he…)

I don’t remember you… you probably don’t remember me. But, hey, hello anyway.

Well that’s 2 replies you’ve had in the same day.

Time to set your destiny of as determined by the gods.
Welcome back to blender/ the forums.
I think i recognize seeing the name but thats about it.
Enjoy your life in the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, you seem to be a little luckier than you expected at first…

when the old blender forum went down i was still a newbie,so i don’t remember if i met you there.welcome! :smiley:

well thx for replying>all! I am glad that blender.nl is back up and the blender forums, or at least the newer version

I remember you indeed. :slight_smile:


hey hiachi! I remember you! you were, that guy that, uh, oh yeah! you made that, no that was macke…no I don’t remember you. hehe
just kidding I remember you. Welcome back.

Well here you are!!!

With this one you have 10 replies allready… :wink:

I think you should stay here at elysiun… it might be your… lucky forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, welcome once more and good luck with what you are doing right now.