I'm back

(Pooba) #1

Hey everyone!

I just back from a 3 week long trip with virtually no access to blender gasp and i see i’ve missed a bunch of cool stuff. I’m amazed that we have raised 90k euros! I wish i could donate, my parents lost their credit card and had to cancel and haven’t gotten a replacement.

I’ll have another demo of my game soon also.

Maybe i’ll start updating roller again…

Also, i’m using a hand-to-hand combat system in my game, but i’m wondering how to do collision detection with the fists. I saw that demo the NAN made awhile ago with the fighting, and i wonder how they did that. Is it a feature in 2.25?

Also, i made a little racing game in blender on the laptop that my dad brought on the trip with a 4mb video card :stuck_out_tongue: . It litterally took 20 seconds every time i changed the view :smiley: I’ll post it later, but don’t expect any other updates.


(gargola) #2

WB pooba! :smiley:

(saluk) #3

Welcome back. Man, 4mb video card, that’s hideous! Must have given you a new definition of frustration, it’s amazing you were able to accomplish anything! Nice to see you back, how was your vacation?

(S_W) #4

Welcome back Pooba! :stuck_out_tongue:

(joecool) #5

Hey it’s about time you got back! It was weird me waking up at 11am and getting online and you not being there! haha
4mb video card…those should be illegal! haha
Welcome Back!
Did you read my post?

(Yamyam) #6

Hi, Welcome back. Did you enjoy your trip?

No. Perhaps, they synchronised armature with collision objects…

(Pooba) #7

Thanx for the replies!

My trip was fun, though most of it was driving. I got to see some cousins and see a lot of beautiful scenery.

I hope i can get my combat system worked out…