I'm back ^_^

Well probably no one knows me cuase I haven’t messed with the game engine since blender went backrupt as well as me changing my name :slight_smile: but anyways I am getting back into the gameegine.

With that said I will also be producing demos that will include demos on how to do things. My first demo is on how to do a simple health bar without python.

Note: All my demos are made by me using the lastest cvs of tuhopuu with ODE, although they should work fine in 2.25


The notes on how to make one are in there. Hope you find it useful. Also if you guys and girls wanna know and more tips jsut ask away and I’ll be happy to create demos!

Till then I’ll be working on my own game, a mini rpg. I am still looking for a story to go on heh, since I got turned down one using a story I really liked grrr!. ANYWAYS:


welcome back dude! :smiley: maybe your demos will be useful.

ps: i love rpgs! :smiley:

Hey thanks for the Demo, thats an easy quick way of making a health bar. Can work for many things, Fuel, Damage, Ammo, etc… But your Demo (Tutorial) was a bit vague. I know you said it was quick, but for some of the new guys, or just the slow ones like me, it may take a bit to figure out. Anyway, Thanks. Keep it up, We can always use more Tuts and Demos. Even for the simple stuff. Remember all, what seems simple to some, may be very challenging to others. Again, Thanks…

NDNChief…God Bless the Troops …

I didn’t realize it was so misleading and I am sorry for that…What parts did you get stuck at? Also you have anything else in mind you would think would help people new to the blendergame engine? I mean I really would to make tuts but I am not sure what tuts would you guys like, game modeling? uvmapping tips? Armature tips? Tell me :slight_smile: i wanna know!

What sort of RPG are you making? Is it like Diablo where its real time or the old Nintendo (Nofriendo) type where you take turns battling the monsters and they beat on you in turn as well???

Also, since your lacking the story, have you considerd a Sci-Fi RPG??? I thought that a story i have would make a great game, and since RPG is usually Swords and Wizzards type stuff it would make it more unique in that aspect.

Anywayz, great luck with your project, and if you get really stuck for a story just let me know, i might even be able to help out with some of the modeling texturing stuff as well, tho iv only made one “game” before!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I will never make a Diablo rpg, is that evne an rpg? Heh, its gonna be a mixtures really. If anyone has ever played threads of fate, then thats how it will be like. Which will include realtime mini movies and well lots of character interaction. I was thinking of adding poeple voices in the realtime animations but thats a bad idea :slight_smile: maybe just music. I’ve been reading a lot in Elfwood for good stories.

And know it wont be a Sci-Fi kinda rpg, mainly cuase I hate that kind of stuff. Although I will mix a lot of anime stuff since thats all i can really draw ^_^.

Btw things will look kinda like this: ( this was a quick test to see how rusty I am and was made all in blender heh even the crappy texture)


Yes, diablo is a real time rpg, and you managed to dis both diablo and sci-fi all in one post, i dont like you any more… hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Looks like its coming along good. And we shouldn’t argue about whether a game is this or that, because most games are more than just one specific genre, and some games don’t really fit into ANY genre. Genre can be a useful tool to categorize things, so that we can talk about them, but most of the time it doesn’t tell the whole story. If it does tell the whole story, the game probably doesn’t have much substance:)

The head looks great, we need some good blender games.

Good luck with the tutes, they can be hard to do well.

Oh Saluk I gotta ask you! What happen to that Link clone game? :slight_smile: I am kinda needing game with python in it and I know that had lots!

Hey, are you the guy that was making the virtual pet type game?

My link clone game lost his link. He’s not online at the moment, but I will upload some of my older games to my web site when I find them. I know there around here somewhere…

Heres a link to saluk’s zelda game: http://www.angelfire.com/ego/spinhead/zelda.html

The images on the website are gone but the demo download link is fine.

He he he :stuck_out_tongue:

“You are link, you live in a cottage with your uncle. One day, he heads toward the castle and doesn’t come back. Meanwhile, you start hearing voices in your head…”

Woah, I didnt know that was still there…


Woah, I didnt know that was still there…


Yes, crazy… :slight_smile:

Hey, are you the guy that was making the virtual pet type game?

I cant say that you are talking bout me, but Im pretty sure you are, but I was the one that released a game a long time ago that was a virtual pet type game, it was called Kedan

So far Kedan has evoved from a sim, to an adventure, to (most recently) an action RPG…if anyone remembers me, please say so, I do remember:

and a few others…havent been on in so long, schools rough (and Phantasy Star Online for GCN is addicitive, but i wont get in to that…)

BTW: it is strange how you have the same name as me, where did you come up with yours…mine is (not an actual word but a mix to mean something more) japanese for magician

Ah, I remember you hiachi:)

And you don’t have the same name, one has a “t” init:

hi achi

But I think I remember hitachi too now that I know his name used to be sutabi:)