I'm back!

Hi, all!

I doubt any of you know or remember me. I’ve been away from Blender for… ahem… several versions. To put it another way, I once paid for a full-version license. :o I did a bit of corresponding with Ton and the gang back before the Game Engine was created and the Foundation was formed, and then fell somehow into obscurity. Stupid PS2!

Anywho, I’m very happy to see that the community has, for lack of a better word, exploded. I picked up a fresh copy of Blender last night and managed to remember almost everything I once knew.

So… you’ll all probably see me around more. Hoping to learn and contribute scads to the community…


Welcome back, newly registered user. :slight_smile:

Yeah, can you believe it? elYsiun will have 20,000 members before we know it. Many of them don’t post, but hey.

How much did blender cost then???

Roffey shrugs :expressionless:

Welcome Back!!! :smiley:


I don’t remember precisely (and the receipt is buried in a backup of my college email) but I believe it was around $25US…