Im back!!

For all those that remember me im back! And aral the game is not…i was fired from lucasarts due to a major flaw in the network part of my game engine…to put it simply there was a huge flaw in the online play of the game…which is not good considering its a massively multiplayer online role playing game…

this was just to avoid any questions why im baack from those few who remember me… why im posting here when iim so busy…well im not anymore…

…this should be entertaining. :stuck_out_tongue:


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:-? Ok, sorry but I failed to say something in the previous thread of yours. I apoligize whole heartily and upfront if what I’m about to say is totally wrong.

I find it hard to believe that you were fired if you were hired.

  1. If your idea was that good and they hired you in the first place you wouldn’t be fired.
  2. Network code? What kinda major flaw would that be? Lucas Arts has already launched a fairly successful MMORPG “Star Wars Galaxies”. Since their network code is pretty stable. It wouldn’t have been a major issue to just transfer a few of the network coders over to solve your problem.
  3. Unfortunately this may either be a really bad joke, or you were scammed… (unless you met Lucas in person). Heh, if you did, I really feel for you since a network code problem is a relatively simple fix if you get the right guys to help. Really bad reason to get fired over, or your idea just wasn’t worth the hassle for Lucas Arts :frowning: .

With that said. :smiley: I wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

Jason Lin

Ouu your back niiiceeee what you gonna sell you game to Ubisoft now hm?? %| .This is gonna be interesting!!!

maybe now that your back you can help throw down some needed coding into the game engine. I hear that this side of blender is neglected due to a shortage of programmers…

Aw guys… be nice… :slight_smile:

If you were really hired, I commend you. Sorry that I still have some level of doubt in my mind that you actually were. :-?

  1. it apparently wasn’t if their was a major network flaw
  2. Well my conditions which i joined under were programmer…so to have a programming flaw is pretty steep =(
  3. it was real…i went to skywalker ranch and all…=/
    got payed too

thanks for the support =/…

04:10:50 PM> Simon_Jeffery: We are very specific in how we take game ideas. We do not take any game ideas or submissions form outside LucasArts.

04:11:15 PM> Simon_Jeffery: All game ideas come from inside the company. And I personally see every one of them.

That was in an interview with Simon Jeffery, the President of LucasArts.

Sorry, but it’s so hard to believe. :expressionless:

Please, if I’m wrong, forgive me!
But, please, if you’re making this up, stop…

I forgot to say welcome back! How silly of me.

…i forgive you
hold on i have a link to show you!!

…i never said it was a game idea it was a game engine which was meant to be used for online play i just thought id put this link…to show all how to get a lucasarts job or to just see what jobs there are out for anyone who is interested…

also for some reason…i doubt you spoke to lusarts president…sorry i cant believe you…=/

I didn’t. It was an interview on the LucasArts website :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember you, you created another account and pretended that you were someone who was interested in a game you were making to make it more popular.

Yes, good memories. %|

Most conditions of employment specifically bar you from expounding your hiring conditions, company policy, and even reason for firing. Either way, if you did work there, you we’re probably freelanced on strict contract with non-disclosure clauses (Hell, I work fast-food and I am under a tyrantical contract baring me saying anything about it what I do.) Either way you could be violating your contract by expounding company information, specific to company techinology, ie. the networking code and its failed portion. I never knew you, and its not my purpose to tell you what you did in your life, and it shouldn’t be for anyone else on the boards. By the way, do you have a portfolio?

Hello welcome back, I haven’t been poking around the forums much cause im sick, I probably should be sleeping right now :wink: but anyways…

I remember you, you created another account and pretended that you were someone who was interested in a game you were making to make it more popular.

Arr matey, I beleive the conclusion of that was it was his room mate who made that account.

fairly successful MMORPG “Star Wars Galaxies”.

It it isn’t successful anymore, alot of star wars galaxies veterans are leaving because of the combat upgrades and character wipes.I doubt they’re getting a huge amount of new players. Perhaps Lucas arts decided to go another direction in making a new type of game, other then all this star wars stuff, I mean you can only go so far with one idea.

but as blender_rox pointed out, LucasArts doesnt even accept game ideas from outside there own…

even if they did you would have to have a detailed design document, budget plan, demos, and a fantastic presentation for them to even think about using your idea or publishing your game…and eQuilibrium obviously doesnt have any of that…hell, he couldnt even show us any basic design drawings when he first started ranting about it back in the day…

bah, im tired of all this already…I would suggest that one of the moderators go ahead and lock this soon…

  1. Well my conditions which i joined under were programmer…so to have a programming flaw is pretty steep =(

So you joined up as a programmer. Hmm, I guess I got the wrong idea from the other thread. It seems like you pitched your game idea “Aral” to Lucas Arts and they took the idea along with you and your friend to develop the game…

Being hired as a programmer is believable.

But it’s the game idea that bugs me. Did you pitch “Aral” to them? If they did take it, it doesn’t make sense that you’ll be the only one programming the game engine for it. MMORPG’s are huge and there shouldn’t be just 1 or 2 GE programmers working on it.

:wink: Well we all have our bad days. If you didn’t cut it as a Lucas Arts programmer, learn more, and correct your mistakes. That network coding stuff still boggles the heck out of me so I understand, lol.

Jason Lin

i pitched it and at the time they were thinking it…then they said noo…they were probably thinking no the whole time =/
well all thnaks for caring…but at least now we got that out of the way…and now we are ready to see me back at forums and not wondering wtf…

P.s Hello facemania…i pmed you

I declare this forum dead ;). Goodbye people, nothing left to see!