I'm back

Hey ppl i’m back not that much of you have missed me but I was gone for about 6 months. The reason I left was because my blender has stoped working out of nothing so I coulden’t make any progress with my work. I reacently downloaded blender again just because I wanted to know if the problem still kept on. But it just worked :stuck_out_tongue: So now i’m doing blender again and trying to pick up my old skills again…

Anyway now i’m back and i’m looking around at the forums and alot has changed here. I still was from the time that blender 3.8A came out. Alot of people from before are great blenderers now :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i’ll be on here untill my blender will stop working again :stuck_out_tongue:

C ya

It’s a Dutchman :eek:
Actually I never knew you. I joined about 6 months ago.
Well, greeting neighbour from the north :smiley:

Yeah my username sux. I want to rename it but I dont know who the admins are here.

There’s a name changing thread in the website and forum forum. That’s where I became Cyborg Dragon

Ok thanks i’ll take a look at it :wink: Haven’t got much time to discover the new forum at all :stuck_out_tongue: