I'm Back!

Hehe I’m back after my month break of all things blender. I know you all missed me and I missed you. I missed you all so much I made a render of sago the baby as my return project.

I know what you’re all thinking though. Have your skills blender decreased since you left? Of coarse they haven’t my friends. They are the same they always have been. I know, I know its a relief. Actually in fact they are the same as they were when I started blender a year and a half ago. :stuck_out_tongue: andyway without further ado…

The diaper needs more form and the subsurf could be turned up a notch.

I wasn’t trying to be serious. Just saying “hello all”. I already know my modeling ability sucks and won’t be improved. ever. I tried . That’s kinda why I took a break. I was frustrated. The only thing I’m remotely good at is composition, animation, and coming up with ideas for scenes I could never pull off. Which sucks because I need to be able to model to do any of those. Jeez I’m depressed again…

That baby isn’t so bad M3ta.

You don’t have to be able to model photorealistically to be good. Infact, those often get boring.

Find your modeling “style” and run with it. I’ll take a stylized animation (you said you were good at animations) with creative thought behind it over photorealism anyday.

Take what Sago does. Often times, he doesn’t pursue photorealism, but instead has a very distinctive and appealing style that conveys the idea perfectly.

that sago baby has some pecks on him. welcome back. :slight_smile: