Im Back

im back w/my old buddies here in the blender community
i appoligize for not bieng active since i got interested in hacking
i promise to be as active as i was before
so all im trien to say is forgive me
im back:cool:

k…ummm…welcome bak…i guess…

Welcome back. Where are you from btw?

haha i noe y u asked that!since his username is arabian outlaw you thought that he may be from the middle east…am i rite…don worry u ain the only one;)

Lol smart guess. I’m just so lonely being the only Arab around here.:frowning:

awwwwwwwww…cookie??nah iom jus playin…yea it does suck…:(…but be happy cuz im here:D

dur, he’s from north carolina!

welcome back!

ha, rock on Carolina Man!!
There are a lot of them here…

Including me.

Welcome back man, didnt know ya…
Hope to

dazz ritt man way too…,… cnstrukt, a,?? sentenc!!! A+ i.n gramer al the; wai!


bad spelling really annoys me too. taking the time to type makes you seem a lot more mature and will gain you credibility and respect, and makes it a whole lot easier to understand. i mean, look at everyone else’ posts compared to his :smiley: , seems kind of out of place.

//u7 u 7a1k!n b0ut, Fri99in frig?!

Frankly, you’re right, frig! Nothing like being able to spell. Sure, everyone make the occasional typo and the quality of language is quite high-standard here at
At any rate, welcome back Arabian Outlaw! Lots has happened since you were gone, especially me joining and the CD episode :smiley:

wtf? like, that is n0t kewl! I think ur all @$$h0le$! K33p it real trak, ma’ ni99@!

Jp, give him a break, hes pimp, yo. We all have a phase.

Right? um he and I arent alone? Right?

I need assurence, say you love me!!!

Ha, seriously trak, its all in fun…

ooh im actualy from texas but i am an ARAB and moslem

anyone here from colorado? or perhaps the international space station? no?
what kind of hacking?

i f a - sw wa in f :cool:

Yea mayn…u gotta keep it real mayn…and besidez…i can do wateva i want pplz…peace out mayn!

aight mayn, free country!
(But Im still “Pimpin’ All Over the Woorllld…
The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you know who we are
Cause were pimpin all over the worlld…”

i live in longmont CO :smiley:

Hey, anybody playin’ from NC? Dirty South y’all!!!

Ok, so I dont really talk like that…

LOlz…funny as hell …:smiley: