I'm bored

:eek: I’m at work and bored.:frowning: Entertain me.:spin:

:confused: BTW:p
:spin: You win a huge pile of of nothing!:yes:

1)Okay…for the perfect thing to do, read number two.

2)Okay…for the perfect thing to do, read number one.

Blend something. Duh.

What forum do you think this is?:stuck_out_tongue:

Fashion your shoelaces into a hoose and hang yourself.

Don’t really hang yourself… unless it’s on webcam.

You could prepare a letter to the SysAdmin with a cc to your boss explaining why you made a post in a BA forum using work computing resources for non-work-related topics…and 2nd paragraph would discuss your work-related lack of motivation and what could be done to enrich and/or enlarge your current area of resopnsibilities, citing past accomplishments as proof of your ability to take on more at work and thus…not be bored.

Alternatively, it could just be a resignation letter, followed by a letter outlining your plan for the rest of your life. That would be fun. Although, hanging yourself on a webcam, especially because the shoelaces would/should break and it would be hilarious and be picked up by all the networks and you could go on a speaking tour and make millions, would be fun too.

They do have this stuff called internet porn… DUH!!

Put on little angle wings and hop around in cirkels… weeeeee that’l be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Lasphere and blender rocks… You are too funny! 5OnIt; seek help…