Im color blind....

It seems the 3-4%( of males that are color blind is me… I make 8% of that 3-4 percent of a type of color blindness called Deuternomaly.

I found this out yesterday doing my physical for teh army. It hard for me to even understand or even blieve, Given that I used blender to create are and color…I donno… Does this make me defective as an artist.

Something I do know I was not born with this, becuase I passed the test in middle school. Would be nice to know how I developed this.

dont know what to say. that sucks man. what colors are you missing?

here’s a good one
Deuteranomaly is “green weak.” Difficulty in distinguishing between colors in the red / orange / yellow / green region of the spectrum. These colors appear somewhat shifted towards red – making it difficult to tell violet from blue. Protanomalous and deuteranomalous people have very few problems performing tasks that require normal color vision. Some may not even be aware that their color perception varies from normal. Their only trouble is likely to come in trying to pass a color vision test.

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Most colorblind people compensate well for their defect and may even discover instances in which they can see things that elude normal-sighted persons. One anecdote to support this is that some colorblind soldiers have been able to identify camouflage designs that fool soldiers who are not colorblind.

When I took the color test, the one giving it was in question… Cause the thing with me is I was seeing both numbers in the plate, none I could see perfectly but nost where extremely hard to figure out I.E

I am supose to see a 5 in this image if I have normal color vision, a 2 if I dont… The Thing is I dont see either. To help you see what I see I darned the Spots I can pick out from that image…

So when I saw this image I figured it was an 8… Now if I make the image smaller I can began to bearly notice the 2 but its still not like “Oh I see a 2”

Hmm interesting… I see the 5… the dots are blue… but wich 2 are you talking about ?


Don’t worry too much about the test. That is one of the more difficult images.

Your health, the amount of rest, and the ambient lighting can all affect those tests. If you are having trouble with an image, try closing your eyes between images. Also, don’t continue to focus on the center of the image when it is hard to see. Move your eyes off center and view it with a little bit of peripheral vision.

Having some color blindness could mean you are less sensitive to color, but more sensitive to light. This would give you better night vision which would be a plus in most situations.

What branch/MOS are you looking at?

I see the 5 quite clearly. Just be lucky you don’t have that very rare form that’s only black and white. Of course I don’t have it or anything just telling you something :wink:

…Being more sensitive to light would explain why I failed the Red/Green test with red/green/white lights…

When ever that showed a color with white lights I couldn’t tell teh difference. Like whr they showed a white light and bright green light they both looked white, but if they showed a green/red or red/green I could tell the colors eaisly.

And its not like I can see the color red or the color green… gezz if that was true i would be dead by getting hit by a car when crosing the street heh…

I don’t mean to scare you even more but its worth looking into or getting checked, colour blindeness is said to be linked with impotence and hemophilia and these are defects passed from the mothers X chromosome as well as colour blindness, although the chances are very rare that you carry one or the other of the symptoms.

“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”


Will it get you out of the army?

It is very rare to completely disqualify someone. It may limit what specific area he can go into.

You’re not color blind. Thats my non-professional opinion. Color BLIND sounds very strong a term anyway. In actually in most cases, as is mentioned above, its just a sensitivity issue. Not total blindness. My grandfather was color blind and he made several beautiful paintings, one of which I have hung in my house, and although some of the colors are “off” its a piece of art so thats very subjective.

In America near where I live, there is the Crayola crayon factory, The lead crayon maker Emerson Moser revealed he was completely color bind in the blue/green area. HIS JOB was colors and it didn’t stop him.

Thing is, as any hardcore photographer and they won’t be suprised. Colors are density and the fact that you ‘see’ colors just gets in the way of composition. It’s alot easier to control density in black and white and that’s why they like it so much.

Hah guess what, becuase of that said Yes it did limit me to what I can pick… They big part for that limited me was they said I cant tell the difference from red or green… Which mean I am not even supose to be driving i guess lol. Thats why I doing another test, cause I can see green and red… Anyways becuase of the color deficiency and no driver’s licsn. It only allowed me to have 1 job… which is total bull, but I was told to take another test and get my driver’s, then I should be able to get something else.

Army/Aviation Operation Specialist

Color blind people are still allowed to drive (as far as I know). That’s why stop lights have conventions on where the lights are (red is always on top or left (for horizontal lights) and green is always on bottom or right).

Driving shouldn’t be an issue.

Are you being drafted? I’m just curious, are you being able to choose a spot where you can serve your country from a safe distance?

I must be colorblind because I failed almost all of those tests. Like this one…

Colorblind ppl supposedly can only see the square. Apparently there’s some sort of brown circle in there but I can’t see it for the life of me.

My granfather was black-white color blind. I heard once he was in a war where he was highly valued because camoflouge stood out to him, so he could see enemy troops hiding in greenery really easily.

And he learned to paint in color. So if he could do it with complete color-blindness, then don’t worry you have nothing to worry about.


Oh shit, I’m colorblind. Seriosly, I can’t see jack in all those images. Bubble after bubble, strange fugures that I can’t decypher!