I'm completely lost, modeling help plz?

Hi, my name is cole and i would like to learn more about working with blender.
I have a windows XP and Vista that i use. my blender version is 2.49 (i think, its the MOST current one, just downloaded)
I haven’t the slightest idea how to use blender. ive made a few wierd models, like a snowman with no arms and stuff.
I need to know whatare the basics, and where i can find tutorials i can put on my flash drive, because my computers that i use do not have internet, i’m currently on a friends compuuter.

thank you all for your time.

Start here.

i started here ,
but don’t skip pages , be patient and read and try ,read and try
soon something like 3 days of using this method
u will be able to make simple things by your self

and happy blending :slight_smile:

If you don’t have the internet I would suggest purchasing a book try this one


it’s got me through the modelling, its not jam packed full of tutorial, in fact there are hardly any but he covers all the major concepts and buttons and allow you to begin!

Happy Blendering