Im Confused :(

Ok im reading a tutorial and it says to use FKey to get into FaceSelectMode but then when i go to Blender and try to do that it says there isnt a FaceSelectMode anymore. So what do i do?:confused:

Thanks in advance:cool:


I’m guessing it’s a tutorial about UV mapping? That was the old way to do it. Those features are now available in edit mode. So, for example, to unwrap a mesh, you go into edit mode, select the faces you want to unwrap and press the u key, with your mouse over the 3D window.

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you don’t need to press the F key anymore as face selection is now standard (as in mesh editing)
Once you have the faces selected that you want to apply a texture to, just unwrap the mesh and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The tutorial is in the gamekit download you can get from the blender site. Its about modeling a landscape. I guess I should have said that sooner.:o


I dont like to do some self-promotion but I wrote something about the UV changes long time ago (February):

What you should know about the Edit-UV mode in Blender

In english and spanish (select language in the sidebar).

It could be a bit outdated since is from the beginning of the year, but I don’t think many things changed since then in the UV editor.