I'm desperately looking for animators to collab with

Hello there,

As written in the title, I’m looking for an animator who can produce good quality animations, cartoon style, or realistic (what I mean by cartoon is pushing a bit more the movements/facial expressions), and who can work efficiently on projects.
The animator will obviously work on Blender.

It’s about animating for an animation channel on Youtube. We are producing content mainly based on indie horror games, such as FNAF, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Poppy Playtime, Cuphead, and more!
We produce memes, shorts, series, and animated music videos. We are starting a cartoon series on FNAF, the first season contains 10 episodes of 1 minute each. We have voice actors, musicians, drawers, storyboarders, and modelers, but I’m still looking for animators. (of course not looking for a Pixar level, but looking for something similar to TV show animations). I’m just going to put my post here in case anyone is interested, here’s my contact information…

Discord: KoFFTLY#9508
Mail: [email protected]

Thank you!


Not a single soul :sneezing_face: ?

Hey, sorry not here to offer my services but have you tried looking on other venues, since not many takers here ? Fiverr seems like a good option, I just searched “Blender Animator” and a few people popped up.
One reason why you may not be getting replies could be that you don’t mention any type of compensation, animators are not likely to want to invest the time if they can’t get paid at least.

Good luck in your search !


you could also put the yt channel link in here to hopefully attract more people…


Hi, I responded to your ad, I sent you an email, and we were talking.


I am insterested