"I'm Different" - Cycles

Rendered with Cycles and 1000 passes.
Took 3 hours to render.
Rendered in 4K Resolution.
This was for a digital art and design exhibition at my University. This is also my first post here on the forums and I would like to see what all of you think

Hmm, nice creative topic! The refraction in the diamond looks really weird - I don’t know why that is.

I like the theme and the emerald refractions aren’t too bad I’m not sure what the spheres are meant to be, baubels? Rubber balls?

I know technically it doesn’t matter what they are as it doesn’t detract from the message but something about them made me stop and think ‘that’s not right’.

Try tweaking the reflectivity and see if it helps

Agreed with what LCG said. The crystal looks great, the only thing it could maybe use is a bit of bevelling on the edges to break up the sharpness.

The balls though…The specularity makes them look almost like Blender Internal rendered, almost doesn’t look like Cycles.