I'm disgusted with myself

As an artist I am disgusted with the way I look at those art magazines and art books with with that shiny glossy paper. I try to not leave any smudges and fingerprints on them but it still happens. I tried wrapping my finger with paper but it ends up making it hard to turn pages. I was wondering if any artists in this forum have any tips to help avoid smearing on glossy paper with greasy fingertips.

mm…dude that sounds kinda like OCD to me…but meh. try washing your hands to avoid greasy fingertips

you could try thrashing yourself to make the disgust go away (i’ve heard some religions advocate this). a more sensible option is to laminate one of your fingers, or do it the calvin and hobbes way and turn the pages using a pair of tongs.

Don’t touch the pictures. This has been a rule in my house since I was little. When turning pages some fingerprinting is probably inevitable, but can be minimized by holding a corner or by touching only white parts of the page.

Turn the pages with your tongue:p

Get a pair of those gloves for handling jewellery or something along these lines.

have you tried saran wrap? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastic_wrap
might look a bit funky, but I’ll bet it works :slight_smile:

Id suggest gloves, if its that much of an issue!

Create a new invention that prevents fingerprints, and sell it for a fortune.

What’s wrong with fingerprints on glossy paper?

(edit: the wikipedia article is kind of gross, but you really can use these things to keep fingerprints from getting on stuff… and they’re grippy enough to let you grab things. Cotton gloves would work but they will slide on glossy paper, I think.)

There are going to be several criminals in line for the product!

Its simple!!!
Goodness me, i’ve doen this so many times, all you have to do it wrap a tiny bit of sellotape around the end of each of your fingers, infact you only have to do your thumb, index and middle finger.
Make sure its that thin sellotape.