I'm doing a tutorial. In blender and my Mat CAP doesn't look right😆

I’m doing a tutorial. In blender and my Mat CAP doesn’t look the same as teachers…though I’m using same one(I think)…



the above pictures are HIS and mine and they are labeled…HIS is the better looking one obviously…mine doesn’t have the shadows and the textures that his does. pls guide me as to how I make them look identical so I could follow the tutorial more closely. Thank you and have a nice day.

He has been using Blender 2.79 . You are using Blender 2.93 . So he is certainly using WorkBench renderer (or Blender Renderer as I think it has been called back then) while you are using Eevee I guess. So the difference is to be expected.

You can try using different matcaps, in particular one with elongated hilights to better see the shape.

Add this to your matcaps. Press the Gear Symbol next to the Matcap tab and click Install.

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Thank you so much for that…hey, birdnamnam are you a DJ?..noticed your username is that of French DJ Crew Birdy Nam Nam :baby_chick::pizza::hotdog:

No my nickname was inspired by a well known movie with Peter Sellers, “the party”.

cool m’man you have a good day!