I'm done for :(

I’ve completely lost any and all of my talent or ability to produce anything good at all. Seriously, tkae these mountains for example. Took 12 hours, TWELVE STINKIN’ HOURS to produce this pile of crap. looks like a pile of kitty litter with cream dumped on top of it and it took me 12 freakin’ hours to do it. I used to be pretty good, now I can’t produce anything worth a flyin’ flip, been this way for a couple of years now, it just sucks :frowning:


um… keep practising?

I suggest sculpting the mountain, not use a generator.
Just sayin.

it looks pretty good to me, just take a little break from it, and go back tommorow and look at it from a fresh perspective. work on some other part of the scene for awhile.


Weeeeelll I wouldnt say that.

what’s with everyone posting enormous .png images these days?

anyway, it’s not that bad

@Jeepster - I know, I’m going to explode the next time I see a png

Best way is to just keep blending and be modest about it. And work hard… you won’t make a masterpiece in 10 mins. Just keep going and you’ll be good soon enough.

@jackblack: I feel the same way. I try to tell myself it’s because my skill at spotting mistakes (in my own work) exceeds my ability to fix them, so I try to use that to teach myself acceptance, that I can’t fix every little thing they way I perceive it ought to be. You’ll have to do the same. As jeepster said, it’s not that bad, you’re just perceiving it as such.

Transparently fishing for complements is no way to improve.

if you used to do pretty well, then you can do the same now and then, even better.
Try to approach things in a +ve manner whatever the outcome maybe.
i think you’ll need more inspiration to keep pushing yourself.
An attitude Like “Bring on the Competition!!” for instance.
Anyway that my little thought.

Smoke a joint. It brings out creativity in people. LOL

I prefer what zanos recommends compared to freakin’ out. Well, ok, I freak out at least a dozen times a day.
What was the point? Oh yeah, maybe some lemonade would help?

Split wood. Always makes me feel better.

Quite possibly true. I think that you just may have chosen the wrong environment. Try putting the whole scene into a kitty- box and then check it out. No, you are not done for. Just take a few steps backwards and change your point of view. (Just kidding)

You should have box modeled the default cube. That’s your problem. :wink:

Well, we all hit a wall every so often. I think you need to watch Kung Fu Panda and Tenacious D a few times and get your mojo back. :yes:

I’ve hit a brick wall for a couple of years now.

One thing I’d like to add is that this is 100% internal and only procedural textures were used. Is that perhaps my problem? Relying on procedurals too much?

Actually I’ll be honest but it almost looks exactly like some of the snow covered mountains out here.

But maybe. Maybe it’s the procedurals.

This has to be one of the finest renders I have seen in a while!

The snow is great! It’s just the ‘rocks’ that looks like cat litter… and yes, procedural textures have their place - their very very small place - I use image textures about 99% of the time. This is because reality is never as simple as can be defined by some procedural textures. Especially a mountain thats so huge. I’d suggest painting it in ps/gimp on a really really large texture (well… 2k would be ok since you don’t have any close-ups on the mountain)

I think I’d be right in saying that nothing worth doing is easy and therefore takes time.

Get a bunch of references, do some sculpting, paint the details and it’ll be looking great. Maybe some basic trees would be great

And one more thing :slight_smile: stop copying tutorials if you ever want to improve! Do your own thing

It looks good if you are following andrew prices tutorial, I think you need to get the bump look for the snow.