I'm getting slits in my model when using subsurf and smooth.

Hi - I’m new to Blender and just working through some tutorials. Am currently attempting the modelling a head with subsurfs one ( http://www.linuxgraphic.org/section3d/blender/pages/didacticiels/head-subsurf/index-ang.html ) but I’ve found that when I complete the face and smooth it, I get a load of slits in the model. I’ve put a picture of this on my website so you can see what I mean. I’m using Blender 2.34.
I have checked the vertices around the slits, and they are not doubled up or anything - can anyone help?


p.s. I think Blender is amazing - my thanks to all out there involved in developing/supporting/promoting et.c. I am recommending it to the schools/colleges I come across as part of my job.

in edit mode hit ctrl+n (recalc normals)

I’m glad to see that this old tutorial I wrote is still in use.

But you should consider using Torq’s head tutorial, it gives FAR better results, especially along with the new tools developed a few months a go (edge loops, knife…) for further details.

here’s a link:


hope this helps,

solmax is right - looks like some of your normals are reversed… all I can add is: select all verts before you hit ctrl+n

those two are right, it’s the normals. Select all verts and press ctrl-n

Yep, Ctrl+N all the way.

Recalc-ing Normals is great for the Big-Black-Blotches, but you could also run into trouble if you have faces “under” the surfaces, not shure how to explain it, but you’ll know that it’s the problem if your surfaces have imperfections like slits and dark shading.

Hope it helps you down the road, and good luck on your newbi-crawl :wink:

Wait a sec, did you remove doubles after you rejoined the eyes and mouth? - hard to tell but it almost looks like the edges of 2 subsurfs…but the shapes are wrong for that

Thanks to all for your very helpful replies - you were right and recalculating the normals has solved the problem.