I'm going to steal my parent's yard gnome.

Technically, he’s a hobo. But he’s a dumb yard ornament, and I feel like pulling a prank on my parents. There’s been some bad news in the family, and a good laugh sometimes would be a good thing in the next year.

I’m going to send it on a tour. I’d like for him to send pictures and a letter home sometimes. It would be awesome to send him overseas. Is anyone interested in helping?

Basically I’m looking for the first person who wants to get the yard hobo. Take him one or two places, take pictures of him near a landmark, and I’ll give you an address to send a letter.

He doesn’t weigh much (5-10 pounds) so postage shouldn’t be too bad.

If he ever finds his way home, it would be funny if he had stamps and local markings on him.

Any takers?

lol, I’m not a taker but thats a great idea… I would if I lived by myself(not with parents)
Hope someone takes you on that offer.

i’d be a taker. i am actually traveling to North Dakota on june 14, so that would be neat. pm me for more details.

Sweet. Do we have any Canadians here that want to help hobo get further north? Otherwise I’ll let Nathan send it wherever he wants for the next stop.

I’d also love to see this thing go to frat parties and places that might freak my parents out . And landmarks of course. Gotta be able to see he’s really making the rounds. I’d love to see him wind up in Europe eventually. Also would be funny to see him wind up at a hash bar in Amsterdam. Stuff like that.

Be creative. No digital manipulations! My parents know I can do that kind of thing, and then the jig is up.

It would be cool if when the hobo changes ownership to include the URL to this thread. Then once in a while the current holder might join in.

I’ll try to boost the statue sometime before Sunday. I’ll be in touch when the deed is done :Z

You can send it to me, but I wouldn’t recommend it because I would steal him and add him to my stolen lawn ornaments room.

haha! classic! i love it, fire it on down to NZ, drop me a PM if you like.

id love to, but i just cant

just north of me, somebody started some cult… like um
“Garden Gnome Freedom Assosiation” or something, and stole a bunch of peoples garden gnomes it was funny.

LOL! There are a bunch of people here in college, but it’s summer in the US right now so frat parties couldn’t happen. I live in a college town, and there isn’t anything happening in the summer really.

I’d do it, but I can’t think of any landmarks around me in Muskogee or Tahlequah Oklahoma. Well, there was that song “Okie from Muskogee” by Merle Haggard and they have a huge mural painted of it downtown where I work, but I doubt you or your parents have heard it unless you’re country music fans.

5-10 pounds could still be expensive to ship, especially if it’s large.

Heh, I just thought of a commercial I saw once with a gnome travelling around… I think it was a commercial for Travelocity.

Ever seen the movie Emile? She does exactly this to cheer up her father.

Great idea. I’m up in Canada, but I’m not taking any trips soon or anything, and I don’t think I could afford to ship something that’s 10-15 pounds.



this is an awesome idea, it would be great to see where the gnome could end up…anyway poist it to me down in australia and ill take him on a tour :wink:


Im in Britain, but i wouldnt be able to get any photos near landmarks in london. Only the great millenium stadium here in Cardiff. And i couldnt really afford the shipping either, but a grat idea.

Depending on the size of the package and where to ship, I’d be willing to participate. I’m in Montréal, so I could take it to the olympic stadium or to a course at university or whatever. Could you make an estimate of the size and weight of the package?


nice… I’d love to, but I live with parents, aand am too far from the only place I know that’s a good landmark around here (NW washington/seattle area, space needly). I hope you get a lotta takers. Good luck!

A cheating way would be to hide the gnome in your room, take a picture of it, scan it, then send the scanned picture to people who could superimpose it on a postcard, which they will then send to you.

Would get around the problem of postage.


Wouldn’t be as funny though.


Definitely needs to be real journey.

Does hobo have a name, shadowman99?

All journeys must begin with a first step…

Nathan, … sounds like your services may be required by Gnome Internationale (Transport and Emmigration Division)?

I really wish I wasn’t living with my parents, I live in Las Vegas, plenty of landmarks here.

… cool idea though…

Hobo goes south, lives it up in Las Vegas. Looses money, seeks work in Mexico. Overlands to central america, drops into Machu Pichu, does grand tour of Salar du Uyuni on way to Tierra del Fuego.

It’d be great if Hobo made it to Antarctica

hey shadowman, pm me for my address.

theeth: i can send it to you after i’m done.

i am exited!

Rofl! post the pictures of hobo’s journey on this thread too, so we can all have a good laugh. I live in canada and would like to participate, but i’m only 13 and cant give away my adress. Good luck anyway!