Im going to try and make this Olive oil bottle - wish me luck

Ideas on how to tackle it would be great…

I think i can model the glass just fine, and i can see its got imperfections, im going to make it high poly and add some wobbles and such… The bottom section i guess i will apply the same glass material but with bump and roughness maps to get the worn effect.

The floating plant i have found one of those translucent images from a free textures website, and i shall use the albedo texture to make a bump map as well and feed it into the subsurface scatter just to try and give it more realism as a material. The oil i guess is the slight yellow color and i shall use volume absorption for that, but i also need it to look green on the outsides, not sure how i will do that, maybe feed a color map into the volume color socket?
The glass obviously needs some slight bump mapping and rougness. The sediment in the bottom, i could make first with a sand like material as a solid mesh, and then i can make some realistic little berries or peppercorns to scatter inside…
The cork is just a cork but with very high detail and imperfections…
Hopefully i can get it really photo real and use it for a still life scene which im working on.


I’ve realized it was very ignorant of me to not even reference the artist that took the original photo which im using as a reference. Photograph by Canice Dunphy is who took it. I dont know about copyright but im going to make the bottle based off it and obviously not identical to the original, and then im going to place it in a still life 3D scene of my own.

This will be a very interesting project to do. The modeling will be challenging for sure. Are you going to try and match the painterly look of the photo? Looking closely at it, it feels like there has been a lot of touchup work. Personally I would like to see the painterly feel.

Ideally yes, im going for as detailed a recreation as possible if cycles is capable of it. And for the final still life scene i will probably end up doing a lot of post processing to it.

Is this even a photo?

I think it’s a heavily composited image from a range of photos taken of the same scene with different lighting. A fairly common technique for stuff like beer bottle photography and the like.

I think it’s student work from someone who has taken a course by someone called Harold Ross “Light painting”. Some of the images look nice, but to my eye some of them look very artificial and less convincing in some cases than decent 3D stuff

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The oil bottle image the original poster is going to model seems to me to be amongst the best of the bunch. Many of these are not to my taste. The thumbnail views especially just look like rather flat bad paintings.

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First render. In basic scene so its not going to look its best.

it needs work.

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The liquid should be more murky.


A good start. I feel the outer glass should be more rough and have some age to it.

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Is this any better? moisture on the glass or not?

more moisture problems… i think it might just need some kind of moisture texture instead.

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The moisture looks strange. In my opinion the proportions aren’t looking right. Maybe because it isn’t surrounded by garlic and tomatoes :thinking:


This will have to do its good enough to go in a bigger scene, it does not need to be the primary object of attention.