I'm going to try making a simple game. I need some tuts...

I really need to read some stuff about the game engine in Blender. I’m making a sort of “UFO” game… and I found out how to make my UFO move when I press the arrow keys, but I can’t make it create shots, and I don’t know how to make the enemy UFO move along a path, like moving up and down, zig-zagging until it gets behind you and disappears(out of camera view).

I want to have it so that the UFO can move up, down, left, and right. I did that, but the UFO doesn’t accelerate to top speed, and it doesn’t slow down to a stop. It just moves plainly. I want a sort-of… friction thing, you know?

I also need it so that the enemy UFO will shoot at you in a random way(like, for every FPS, there’s a 1 in 5 chance that the enemy UFO will shoot at you).

AND, I also need it so that when the Enemy UFO Shot is created, that it goes towards you, but doesn’t follow you.

(Man, I ask too many questions)

Oh, and there’s two more, really big problems that I remember…

1: Whenever I try to play the game(pressing P), the models turn white. I don’t know why, but all the models turn white, and it doesn’t go into camera view either. Why does this happen? How can I stop it from happening?

2: I plan on finishing the first level and then releasing the demo. How do I create a Stand-alone(Executable, or .exe) of the game file?

Sorry for being so annoying and asking so many questions, but… I really want these questions answered. I MUST finish the demo in 30 days. Please hurry, it’s really importaint to me.

Thank you for reading this.

Oh yeah, and, it would be nice if anyone who could help me would chat with me via AIM. My screen-name is DragokenRu.


PLEASE hurry! I don’t have much time!

You would probably get more help if you posted this here:


and find what you’re looking for here:



Woah! 1h 15 mins, new record of impatience %|


No, I seriously diddn’t have much more time. Now I only have 5 minutes… before I had like 10. Oh, and, thanks for the site.

Alright, I still don’t have the friction thing I was looking for. Someone please help me with that.


Yeah, and I still don’t have the Hallberg Rassey 65 I’m looking for :frowning:


ALRIGHT!!! ALRIGHT!!! Please, I need to know how to add a friction effect to my games. Also, when I press P to play, all the models turn completely white with no shading. It looks 2-D. How can I fix that?

Thank you.

In the Logic buttons (F4)

Actor -> Anisotropic -> Friction X Y & Z


OH… heh… I feel stupid. Thanks.

Make me feel even stupider by telling me how I can make everything look normal while I play… When was making the models, I decided to make them with SubSurfacing, so now when I play in Wireframe mode, all the models with SubSurf turn back into cubes and whatnot. And, in the other modes(Shaded, Solid, and Textured), the turn back into cubes(and whatnot), AND they become completely white without shading or anything(they look 2-D…)… Sorry for all these questions and my being a pest… I just can’t find how to get this stuff working.

Thanks again for help me out, everyone.

After this I just have a few more questions…

In my first reply I gave you 2 links, the second of which contains this list of links (Note the one in bold type)

gameBlender tutorials-

-Game Engine documentation (!!)

-Game Blender faqs (!!)

-Appolonius (1)
-making alpha maps in blender games

-Blengine (1)
-beginners python tutorial for the game engine

-Blengine (1)
-using prerendered images for a realtime scene

-Blengine (1)
-modeling/painting textures/and unwrapping a low poly pirate head

-Bapsis (1)
-weapon depletion and reploading

-Ben (5)
-health bar
-simple ai(part1)
-simple ai(part2)

-Blendage (3)
-creating traps using boulders
-2 level maze game
-using armatures/texturing a model

-Blender3d.org (about 6)
-blender.nl tutes… alot of tutorials, about 6 of which are game ones

-Blenderman (7)
-object deformation in gameBlender
-playing with the camera
-following an object with the camera
-rotating character to match ground rotation(ramps, etc)
-how to use text in gameBlender

-Bobois (1)
-big tute on uvmapping

Doc Holiday(1)
-turning a path into an ipo for game usage

-Iceman (4)
-3rd person camera tracking
-opening doors
-animated UV textures
-getting rid of the PINK!

-Ingiebee (1)
-great face texture painting tute

-Ingiebee (1)
-Game Sprites

-Jouini (1)
-basics, in french

-Jouni (1)
-tracking, also in french

-Oto (4)
-modeling/unwrapping/uvmapping/animating ‘little oto’
-texturing tutorial
-armored character tutorial
-creating a pinball game

-Pooba (3)
-overlay scenes
-making a menu

-RagetheSage (1)
-random generator tutorial- by ragethesage

-Reblended.com (11 total)
-none that arent listed already

-Reblended.com (1)

-Swdoughty (2)
-creating a race track (starts at “mesh texturing”)
-exporting it to something to do something and have some of some stuff…

-TorQ (4)
-creating a galaxy texture
-modeling a low-poly leg
-uvmapping a head
-uvmapping for blender using wings3d

My spoon’s all wore out now!