I'm gonna kill you

Be careful! He might find you… and if he does he’ll kill you.

Rendered in Cycles.

To see more of my work klick here: https://plus.google.com/103299221955814884063/posts

Good expression and texturing!!!

Very well done!

Great, show some wire, the texturing…

Here are screenshots with the wireframe view and the texture on them.

Nice work:) are the textures based off a photograph or did you texture it free hand. If you did them free hand very impressive:)

It’s based on photographes.

Still very impressive!
Your face renders are really amazing, they have a hyper-real quality.

thanks. creating a photorealistic face is exactly what I tried to achieve.

Great texturing work there. One question: how large are your textures?
Just recently I textured a head using 4k images but on closeups it’s not enough.

The original images had a size of about 5000 x 4000 or something and the final textur has a size of 4k x 4k but the front part of the face uses more space than the back part which isn’t even visible. So it seems like even a bit mor resolution.

Love the expression!

wow he looks so real!

That looks really good. Almost like an angry smirk.

Amazing! The eyes are a little off in some aspect, but the head is truly awesome.

Very nice, impressive work.
Just curious, is this a baked map? It looks like.

Not really. I don’t exactly know what you mean by ‘baked map’ but I didn’t use the bake tools of Blender. It was mostly Textur paint and some Photoshop.

did you have any bump maps in there?

Ah, okay. A little surprising. Well it must be the UV layout that makes the difference.

Very cool image, very convincing.

The texturing of the face is truly superb.

What was your texturing workflow for this? Did you derive the bump/displacement maps from the diffuse maps ? How about the spec maps ?

btw: the use of the dark eyelashes and the overall pose reminds me a bit of the character Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’.