I'm guessing music counts as a non-3D art form.


The lowest track on the list was a tribute of sorts, so take it with a pinch of salt, and the middle track was made a while back.
I sporadically make music; I just never seem to be able to find the time/inspiration lately.

I’m also interested in how many musicians there are on this forum.
And I’m not advertising or seeking money, but if anyone wants the odd little bits of music/audio doing, I may be able to help a bit.

Pretty good. I really like the last one, though truthfully the rhythm lacks interest and I find the speaking takes away from the song. What program do you use?

The last one? Do you mean ‘Everything is OK?’ That one was just meant to be a framing/showcase/whateveryouwanttocallit of the piece of talking that I sampled.
I made them all using Logic, with NI’s Massive as my main synth of choice, though I’m starting to move away from it since I’ve used it for so long.

I’m a musician!!! :slight_smile:
And a composer.

Just listening to some of your stuff.
What synths are you using? That brass that comes in at about 1:46 in ‘Monsters…’ sounds awesome!

GarageBand 2008
Jam pack symphony orchestra.
Jam pack vocals
Jam pack work music.

That’s my software :slight_smile:

Props for getting decent sounds with Garageband. I can’t stand the thing, :p.

(now that I know I can post a thread here about my music, I might do that one day soon :))