Im having some trouble exporting...

Long story short, i downloaded a plugin BlednerSCS to edit .pmd files

i import .pmd files and after im done with the model, i try to export the file but its not working.

there is a menu on the left toolbar but even after i set it to whatever i think is right, it still doesnt work.

can someone please help me! i really want to test my models and its really getting me frustrated.

thank you

i try to export the file but its not working.
In what way ? Error messages etc

What addon are you using?
What version of blender are you using ?]

Does the info about the addon say it works with the version of blender you are using ? Possibly you need to use a version of blender that the addon was actually written for

im using latest version of blender. the addon is for for latest version, Blender2SCS/ SCS Blender tools is the addon that im using. i cant remember exactly what the error message is word for word… i will take a screenshot.

Is it this one

This was written for blender 2.66

Things may have changed in blender since this was written, try using it with blender 2.66

im really not sure what to set directory to but everything ive tried, it still brings that error up…
i believe i imported correctly…

now i was looking and i have v2.71 i thought i was latest version lol i look and there is v2.73 so that was my bad. but im going to try the 2.6 like you mentioned and see if it works as well…

i hope my images help…

8. “There is no SCS root obj make sure that model was imported properly!” is thrown when the Structure of objects on current scene is wrong. Most probably you didn’t import SCS model or the model is corrupted. - v0.3

Solution: Try to import one SCS model again add your objects to it.

see i dont understand that bc ive used the orginal model and im just trying to tweek it to my likings for personal use. i extracted the .pmd (model) from the .scs file (file used for game) and thats it. Im just not sure what to set the directory for exporting. should i copy the original .pmd(model) and rename it and set that as directory … idk im lost with this

Can you supply demo file so someone can look at it.

Have you looked at some of the tutorials on the addon website

i wil give a demo file.

they do have a video tutorial but there is no sound so just watching his mouse fly around is hard to understand what hes doing.
but i did notice that in the video, he is using Blender v2.66 like you had mentioned. im going to try it and see if it helps me get this running. if not i throw a file up for you or someone…

(btw: i checked you site, love your work lol)