I'm having trouble sculpt modeling

Ok well i tried different modeling and they didnt go so well so i thought i would turn to sculpting but im having trouble making the basic model to begin sculpting and i know that i have to have the model divided. and i was also wondering if there is a good sculpting tutorial out otherwise ill just do trial and error till it get better with sculpting and figure out how it works.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any help that you can give.

Try Google.
“Blender Sculpting Tutorial” or something.
It’s easy, fast, and gives lots of results.

Check out “The Essential Blender”. I picked up a copy at the local library. Though it’s for a previous version (2.44), it is still worth the read. Chapter 5 gets into sculpting and multiresolution modeling. The reader is guided step-by-step in creating a monster head.

Below is what I have sculpted out today and that’s only a couple of hours of work. It’s not a monster head-- decided to attempt to sculpt a skull instead. (Just need to figure out how I’m gonna do the teeth).

The chapter/tutorial covers how to set up the screen to going over the tools. The scultpting tut may be on the wiki, check there. The book is basically a compilation of tutorials found on blender’s website.