I'm here again! Human WIP *UPDATED*

(Aksy) #1

Scroll down for update!!!

Hi! I’m here again. I tested Lightwave3d demo about year and I’m a blender user again!!! :smiley: What do you think about my Male body?

Comments please!


Thanx in advance!

(SGT Squeaks) #2

the only thing I really noticed is that the torso seems kind of square, it should be more oval shape. but other than that it looks great!!! http://members.aol.com/skyf41/images/squeaksemoticon.gif

(Idgas) #3

looks good but I think the legs look alittle short.

(Aksy) #4

Ok. An update. I made legs little longer and started to modelling arms.

(kaktuswasse) #5

far better this way!

(paradox) #6

Nice the way it is progressing. Looking forward to seeing the completed model. Looking good so far.


(ookami77) #7

I think his butt could use a little work. It seems kinda’ flat. You would think with all those muscles that he would have worked out his but too… hahaha… The rest looks really good though. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

(Aksy) #8

Thanks for your comments. I’ll post updates from different angles as soon as possible. 8)

(Aksy) #9

More updates 8) :smiley:

This is my first charachter I’ve ever made, what u can see from images :smiley: :wink:

The body is nearly completed. Here’s new images.

(Smerity) #10

Aksy: That is an extremely detailed body, it’s great how you brought out the many curves and bumps of the human body.
Just one thing, the six pack is a little too square to look real.

Apart from that, one absolutely great model, I’m sure it’ll turn out well.

(Aksy) #11


Do you know, where I can find a GooD reference picture of barbarian like head… :smiley: 8)

(Aksy) #12

I started to modelling a head from blueprint, wich I drawed a long time ago :wink:
I took it with my old digicamera and the picture is’nt good.

And model…

Tell me what do you think and What I made wrong :smiley:

Ps. I know the mouth looks weird but I’ll fix it.

(SGT Squeaks) #13

usually the most common thing wrong with heads is proportions. But I cant really see anything wrong from this view. Could you post a side and front view. Like in your drawing. thank ya :smiley:

(Aksy) #14

I forgot to say that I have to little modified the head because my reference isn’t “fit” to my body. :wink:

Anyway I modelled the head as you can see the picture.
There’s no ears but I’ll them and hands later.

Tell me your opinions…

(Aksy) #15

And more images.

(Idgas) #16

wow thats starting to look pretty good. well it looked pretty good at the top but now it looks better. Only one thing though, the arms look alittle strange. kinda rubberbandish.

(Detritus) #17

I can see two mayor faults with the model: no nipples and no navel. But otherwise it´s great! (I won´t mention the erhmm… groin area)

(HpyGoCrazy) #18

For a guy to have a big chest he usually has a bigger back. I suggest making the back muscle by the arm pits wider. It could probably use broader shoulders too.

This web site has good reference pictures for people.

(Aksy) #19

Thanx for your comments… 8)

Latest updates before texturing…


Can someone tell me what is best way to texture this model… :wink:

I know the hands isn’t very good, but I don’t need better now :wink:

(Aksy) #20

Now. I started to clothing my man.

I know I change my mind so often. Now it will be piratish look like charachter. :wink:

Comments are more than welcome :smiley: