I'm in the market for a new mouse after my previous one failed on me, suggestions?

Anyone have a mouse they love for general use and 3d modeling and care to make a recommendation?

3D mouse are gadgets, that allows an user-friendly routing of the three-dimension designs and work with both hands at the same time, so i suggest you to buy Saitek Desktop Optical Mouse, three buttons, with the middle mouse button being a wheel too. It has a firm grip and never runs out of batteries, because it uses a wire

I have a G700 and I love it. The extra buttons on the side are great since you can map things you often do to them. Like changing view.

I have an MX518 from logitech. It’s great. You might try looking at similar models they offer if you want a wireless/portable option. I tried some of their low-end models and didn’t like how hard it was to click the middle mouse button (obviously important in blender for navigating the view).

A cat or a dog better

I have a R.A.T. and its great extra buttons for common tasks and only takes a second to change profiles